"The book soars in its descriptions of figure skating, capturing its strange and brutal beauty and achieving a beauty of its own in the process." - Kirkus Reviews

"Debut author O’Neill sets her novel in the world of competitive figure skating, but ultimately it’s a universal story about aspiration and imperfection... a new spin on the sports novel, rarely relying on easy metaphors and instead using Ali’s thwarted ambition to explore other ideas of heredity, ambition, maturity, failure, and, yes, hope." - Publishers Weekly

"O’Neill is the author of a debut novel that examines the darkness and obsession underlying the measured, lovely sport of figure skating... O’Neill’s personal story about the detrimental pressures of sports is ultimately both a beautiful narrative and a political statement worth listening to." -Huffington Post

"Surprise. Intensity, Humor. Sadness. Trauma. Obsession. You will find all of these elements in Tracy O’Neill’s new book, The Hopeful... The Hopeful is a wonderful novel that keeps your attention from page one."

"Written with an original literary grace all her own." - The Rumpus


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